For words that work – Pour des mots qui brillent

"An extremely prompt, pleasant and professional person to work with, Sally amazed me with both her alacrity and attention to detail. I am a relative novice to the industry, but she handled my inadequacies both politely and with ease. I would highly recommend this lady, without hesitation, and as this was for a charitable cause – the RNLI – she pulled out all the stops and must have worked tirelessly to get this completed as quickly as she did."

—Kevin Scott, author of Harbouring – A Desire

"Are there multiple ways to say perfect? Sally is the best editor I've ever worked with – fixing difficult prose so that it is clearly understood – and does layouts and typesetting as a master. No author or publisher could ask for more. With Sally you get the best."

—Michael Lissack, visiting research professor at George Washington University

"Sally is a rare find: a seasoned developmental editor and writer who is also a whiz at technology and graphic design. With a lot of responsibility on her plate, Sally works efficiently while maintaining a level head and professional attitude. I recommend her highly."

—Erika Heilman, publisher at Bibliomotion

"Just to pass on a compliment: I had my viva last Friday and my examiners said they'd never seen such an immaculate manuscript – one of them managed to find a missing full stop, but that was about it!"

—Dr Janet Weston, Centre for History in Public Health

"A large number of the authors have commented on the high quality of the proof editing in particular… On behalf of Graham and myself (as editors) we wanted to pass on this very positive feedback."

—David Crighton, editor of Forensic Psychology

"Sally Osborn [was] terrific and I would recommend [her] most highly!"

—Kirk Gelatt, editor of Veterinary Ophthalmology

"A huge thank you for all your help. I was very confident in everything that you sent over. So thank you for your calm professionalism."

—Hilary Baxter, St Mary's University, Twickenham

"I am so thrilled with the work you’ve done, it is so thorough and your comments are extremely astute."

—Stephanie Moore, author of Why Eating Less and Exercising More Makes You Fat

"I have found an excellent copyeditor. Highly recommended!"

—Dr Declan Kavanagh, author of Effeminate Years

"I reviewed the copyedited files and I would like to say a big thank you for the wonderful work you have done for this book. I am very pleased with the level of attention you have given to the content and so is the author. The files are complete and properly renamed for easy reference. Once again thanks for your work and I wish to work with you in my future projects."

—Jerusha Govindakrishnan, Production Editor, K&L Content Management, Wiley

"The Wiley team have been outstanding, including the expert editing of the manuscript by Sally Osborn."

—Dr Alan J. Nixon, author of Equine Fractures

"Much like cooking, taking your time is, quite possibly, the most quintessential and often neglected component when it comes to writing. But I’m forever rushing around; acting on impulse, and dealing with the syntactical consequences if and when the arise — which is why it’s always a heavenly consolation to know I can send my final projects off to Sally for mending. I guess when you lose a tooth, you go see the Tooth-Fairy. But when you lose those vital grammatical/punctuational elements in your verse, you go see Sally."
—Lucian Blake, author of Gifts from Jupiter

"Writing books is team work which I have already done twice with Sally over the last 5 years. I like good written English, nevertheless I remain French in the way I think. Sally helps me erase this handicap. She is a precious culture difference bridge builder who knows how to deal with very different topics with a great deal of intellectual flexibility, never forgetting what needs to be done to stay relevant for the reader. My most sincere recommendation is to say simply, for a third book I don't want at all to change my team!" 

—Jean Frédéric Mognetti, professor at HEC School of Management

"I've worked with Sally over a number of years since 2004. She has been the editor of various editions of my eBay books. In most cases we have been working under tight deadlines and she has been effective in managing me as the author and also staying touch with what we were all trying to achieve with the books. I value Sally's deft hand and collaborative approach. In my experience, editors can adopt a steamrolling approach. That isn't Sally's style."

—Dan Wilson, digital consultant, internet marketer, speaker, writer and author

"Sally had the gifts of recognizing what I wanted to say and helping me to express it better. It was usually easy for me to see why her advice was perceptive and beneficial."

—Philip Graves, author of Consumer.ology

"Sally was an absolute joy to work with, or rather, with whom to work."

—Ian Harris, author of The Price of Fish

"A big thank-you to Sally for her brilliant editing of the manuscript and for being so very helpful at all times."

—Rowan Gibson, author of Rethinking the Future

"I take my hat off to Sally, my editor, who displayed considerable understanding of the text in its editing. She has improved the book’s readability enormously, was a joy to work with, and pulled out all the stops when necessary."

—James O'Loughlin, author of The Real Warren Buffett